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Mozilla Firefox 38.0 Beta 1 发布

       Mozilla Firefox 38.0 Beta 1 今日发布,该版本将在今年5月份正式发布。除了继续优化对64位的支持外,最大的改进是原生支持Ruby字符。Ruby字符与Ruby语言无关,而是注音标示,是一种表意文字的音标印刷方式,广泛地运用于日文及中文,rubi是日本印刷业的用语。以前 Firefox浏览器支持注音标示需要安装扩展如HTML Ruby,如今Firefox 38默认启用了CSS Ruby,同时还引入了HTML5 ruby标签支持。


Developer Tools


  • Bypass audio nodes in Web Audio Editor

  • "copy" command in Web Console

  • Highlight and filter XmlHttpRequests in Web Console

  • See optimized-out variables in the Debugger

  • See security warnings in the Network Monitor

  • See transferred sizes in the Network Monitor

  • Play/pause all animations in the page

All devtools bugs fixed between Firefox 37 and Firefox 38.


  • Support for ruby-position and ruby-align have been added and is available by default (bug 1055676bug 1123917 and bug 1039006).

  • The :unresolved pseudo-class have been implemented for custom elements (bug 1111633).

  • The predefined style ethiopic-numeric now uses a space, instead of a dot, as suffix to match a recent change to the spec (bug 1120721).

  • CSS transitions on generated content (with ::before and ::after) on both an inline and the block that splits them now start as expected by the spec (bug 1110277).

  • The implementation of CSS Logical Properties made big progress. The following properties are available behind the layout.css.vertical-text.enabled flag (false by default):

    • Direction-independant equivalents of width and heightblock-size and inline-size (bug 1117983).

    • Direction-independant equivalents of min-width and min-heightmin-block-size and min-inline-size (bug 1117983).

    • Direction-independant equivalents of max-width and max-heightmax-block-size and max-block-size (bug 1117983).

    • Direction-independant equivalents of margin-topmargin-rightmargin-bottom and margin-leftmargin-block-startmargin-block-endmargin-inline-start and margin-inline-end (bug 649142).

    • Direction-independant equivalents of padding-toppadding-rightpadding-bottom and padding-leftpadding-block-startpadding-block-endpadding-inline-start and padding-inline-end (bug 649142).

    • Direction-independant equivalents of border-topborder-rightborder-bottom and border-left and their longhands for width, style and color: border-block-startborder-block-start-widthborder-block-start-styleborder-block-start-colorborder-block-endborder-block-end-widthborder-block-end-styleborder-block-end-colorborder-inline-startborder-inline-start-widthborder-inline-start-styleborder-inline-start-colorborder-inline-endborder-inline-end-widthborder-inline-end-style and border-inline-end-color (bug 649142).

    • Direction-independant equivalents of toprightbottom and leftoffset-block-startoffset-block-endoffset-inline-start and offset-inline-end (bug 1120283).

  • How CSS Transitions start has been modified to match a recent change of the specifications, aiming at having an interoperable behavior between browsers (bug 960465).



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