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The Markup
<ul class="portfolio-items">  <li class="item">    <figure>      <div class="view">       <img src="images/1.jpg">      </div>      <figcaption>        <p><span><a href="http://www.vladstudio.com/wallpaper/?thetwoandthebubbles">The Two and The Bubbles</a></span></p>        <p><span>By Vlad Gerasimov</span></p>      </figcaption>    </figure>    <div class="date">2005</div>  </li>  <li>    <!-- second item -->  </li>  <li>    <!-- third item -->  </li>  <!-- and so forth --></ul>

.portfolio-items {  height: 400px;  overflow-x: scroll;  overflow-y: hidden;  white-space: nowrap;  margin-bottom: 30px;  position: relative;}.portfolio-items > li {  display: inline-block;  /*aligning items by top baseline makes sure the baseline doesn't change once the hover  effect is fired and therefore the other items stay put*/  vertical-align: top;}.item {  width: 300px;  height: 202px;  margin: 150px 20px 0;  padding: 5px;  border-radius:2px;  box-shadow: 0px 10px 10px -5px rgba(0,0,0,0.5);  background-color: white;  font-size: 14px;  /*initially all items are moved 300px up and faded out and rotated, they will fade  into view and back to position later via javascript*/  opacity: 0;  position: relative;  top: -300px;  transform: rotate(-135deg);  transition: all .3s ease, opacity 2s ease,  top 1s ease;}/*even items will be 100px lower than their siblings*/.item:nth-child(even) {  margin-top: 100px;}


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