在Windows 8消费者预览版中,微软内置了IE10消费者预览版,它包括桌面版和Metro版,带来了全新的体验。今天,微软在IE开发者博...
       在Windows 8消费者预览版中,微软内置了IE10消费者预览版,它包括桌面版和Metro版,带来了全新的体验。今天,微软在IE开发者博客中完整罗列了IE10的新功能及在之前版本基础上的更新。

  IE10消费者预览版的新功能包括XMLHttpRequest的跨域资源共享(Cross-Origin Resource Sharing,简称CORS)、Interoperable HTML5 Quirks Mode(互操作性HTML5怪异模式)、一个可以提醒网页浏览器用户某个网页网站要求安装ActiveX控件的Meta标签等,只有传统的桌面版IE 10上支持网页控件。


  — Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for XMLHttpRequest

  — CSS -ms-user-select property

  — CSS3 font-feature-settings property to access advanced OpenType

  — Document setting to enable floating point values in CSS-OM

  — HTML5 BlobBuilder API and new APIs以保存或打开文件

  — HTML5 track element for HTML5 video captions

  — Interoperable HTML5 Quirks mode

  — JavaScript Typed Arrays

  — Meta tag to alert user that site requires ActiveX add-ons(桌面版IE10)

  — Removal of legacy graphics features from IE10 standards mode

  — Changes to support latest HTML5 WebSocket API

  — Web Worker thread pooling


  — CSS-OM media query list listeners

  — CSS3 3D transforms

  — CSS3 gradients

  — CSS3 grid, flexible box, and multi-column layout and exclusions

  — CSS3 regions and hyphenation

  — CSS3 text-shadow property

  — CSS3 transitions and animations

  — HTML5 AppCache and IndexedDB

  — HTML5 async attribute of the script element

  — HTML5 drag and drop APIs

  — HTML5 File API

  — HTML5 forms and validation

  — HTML5 History API

  — HTML5 parsing algorithm

  — HTML5 sandbox

  — HTML5 Web Workers

  — HTML5 WebSocket API

  — Pointer events and multi-touch input

  — SVG filter effects

  — XMLHttpRequest enhancements

  另外,Windows 8消费者预览版中的Metro版IE10包含很多用户界面上的变化。

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